Thursday, October 21, 2010




The winners of 2010 Scream Awards have all been revealed when the show was aired on Spike TV in the U.S. on Tuesday, October 19. Coming out as a big winner was "Inception", which snatched the coveted The Ultimate Scream and Best Sci-Fi Movie titles.

Full List of 2010 Scream Awards Movie Winners:

•    The Ultimate Scream: "Inception"
•    Best Sci-Fi Movie: "Inception"
•    Best Fantasy Movie: "The Twilight Saga's Eclipse"
•    Best Horror Movie: "Zombieland"
•    Best Director: James Cameron - "Avatar"
•    Best Scream-play: Laeta Kalogridis - "Shutter Island"
•    Best Fantasy Actor: Robert Pattinson - "The Twilight Saga's Eclipse"
•    Best Sci-Fi Actor: Leonardo DiCaprio - "Inception"
•    Best Supporting Actor: Joseph Gordon-Levitt - "Inception"
•    Breakout Male Performance: Tom Hardy - "Inception"
•    Best Fantasy Actress: Kristen Stewart - "The Twilight Saga's Eclipse"
•    Best Sci-Fi Actress: Scarlett Johansson - "Iron Man 2"
•    Best Supporting Actress: Anne Hathaway - "Alice in Wonderland"
•    Breakout Female Performance: Chloe Moretz - "Kick-Ass"
•    Top Anticipated Movie: "Green Lantern"
•    Best Cameo: Bill Murray - "Zombieland"
•    Best Villain: Mickey Rourke - "Iron Man 2"
•    Best Superhero: Robert Downey Jr. - "Iron Man 2"
•    Best Ensemble: "Zombieland"
•    Most Memorable Mutilation: "The Human Centipede"
•    Fight Scene of the Year: Anti-gravity hotel fight - "Inception"
•    3D Top Three: "Avatar"
•    Best F/X: "Avatar"
•    Best Comic Book Movie: "Kick-Ass"
•    Best Worst Movie: "Piranha 3-D"
•    Scream Heroine Award: Sigourney Weaver

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