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Despite having ‘final’ in its title, the Final Destination series shows no sign of ending.  Now in its fifth entry, this franchise about death knocking on people’s doors has conjured a decade of scares with varying success.  They are hardly works of art but for horror fans they’ve done the trick with this latest entry serving up the requisite scares in its own ghoulish style.

On a bus trip with a group of friends, Sam (Nicholas D’Agosto) and Molly (Emma Bell) look forward to a great day out.  Little do they know death has other plans when Sam has a premonition of a deadly bridge collapse.  Alerting his friends just before the calamity occurs he thinks he has cheated the grim reaper.  Fate has other plans as one by one death’s deadly hand grips Sam and his friends with its satanic embrace.

The best aspect of this series is that it never changes. You know exactly what to expect with lashings of gore, horror and scares on the menu. Number Five doesn’t disappoint by following the exact same formula. The acting is still pretty risible although the performers do their best not to laugh while spouting some of the more ridiculous dialogue. As part of the series, this entry is one of its better efforts with Steve Quale directing with some skill and having a flair for inventive shocks.

A rule of any horror movie is how it creates a sense of foreboding and anticipation for the next death scene. Final Destination 5 utilises this for maximum effect with some effectively staged sequences mixing comedy and horror with ease. It also has a nice feel for continuity with moments referencing previous films leading to a surprising finale.

Judging by the conclusion Final Destination 5 may really be the end of the franchise. If so then it goes out in fine horrific style with only the box office allowing it to meet its maker rather than audience apathy.


Movie Review Rating 6 / 10

Movie Review by Patrick Moore

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