Wednesday, October 26, 2011



Skye Lighthouse


Everyone loves a good lighthouse. The Skye Lighthouse allows you to spend the night in one, making it one of the most unique hotels on the planet.

There are not many lighthouses in Scotland which appear as dramatic to the ordinary visitor as the one on Neist Point on the Isle of Skye. You sometimes need rough weather conditions, or a boat to get a proper impression of the lighthouse and its surroundings. With the Neist Point lighthouse, though, all you have to do is stand on what seems to be a horny tail of a vast sea creature poking out into the sea.

Neist Point is the most westerly point of Skye and it has some impressive steep rock faces. You can see the whole of Moonen Bay and the cliffs of Hoe Rape from it. With a bit of luck, you might even see a few sheep wandering about the Point, some of them dangerously close to the cliff edge.

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