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american-reunion-movie-poster-2012Despite being set in the here and now, ‘American Reunion’ harks back to late 70s/80s films - most specifically the raunchy ‘Porky’s’ series.  Taking its cue in providing outrageous and sexy comedy the latest instalment in the ‘American Pie’ franchise is as crude and vulgar as one has come to expect.  Subtly isn’t a word one would associate with this although fans may enjoy seeing the old gang together again proving ‘Porky’s brand of naughty innuendo still resonates.
When their high school holds a reunion, former students look forward to fond reminiscences. Among them are Jim (Jason Biggs) and Michelle (Alyson Hannigan) who are now married with a son.  Hoping for some good times, they are delighted to meet old friends including Chris (Chris Klein) and Stifler (Seann William Scott).  As befitting a gang used to weird and sordid happenings, various hi-jinks ensure which would put the new breed of school students to shame.
Those fond of bodily function gags and ceaselessly low-brow humour should derive much from ‘American Reunion’.  In some ways this style of comedy feels a little out of place given the cast are now much older.  Although the endless sex jokes worked fairly well for a gang of teenagers, it feels a bit strange seeing a now 30-something group behaving the same way.  Not that there isn’t any fun to be had as when it concentrates on the dilemmas the ageing characters face some good moments surface.
Jason Biggs and the rest of the cast slip effortlessly into their roles with the scenes between Jim and his father a comic highlight.  Take away the crudity and there’s a story with some heart. Acceptance of growing older and facing the past shown.   Whilst it’s easy indulging in vulgarity than wit, there is some attempt at the latter which is welcome.   Being an ‘American Pie’ movie there is much that long-term fans may find boorishly familiar.
‘American Reunion’ is exactly the same as previous entries.  Whether that’s a good thing is for viewers to decide although it does provide occasional mirth with the group of mis-fits facing adult-hood in their own wickedly saucy manner.

Movie Review Rating  5 / 10
Movie Review by Patrick Moore
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