Monday, September 23, 2013

Extreme Cupcake



Cupcakes have always been popular for afternoon teas, just for the heck of having a cake and with the more exotic cupcakes as a dessert. They’ve gone from simply flavoured and frosted to alcohol infused and designer. Some cupcakes have a lot going on and even incorporate gold and gem stones.

A $1,200 24 carat edible gold leaf cupcake was unveiled in London during National Cupcake Week hosted by the Food Network UK.

The cupcake is flavoured with Hawaiian AA tea and has a chocolate middle and a peach and champagne filling. The butter cream frosting is mixed with luxury Chateau Yquem wine and is adorned with a sugar drizzled chocolate fondant made from Charbonnel et Walker chocolate. There is a 24 carat edible gold leaf on the top of the cupcake with a bird perched on the leafy twig.

Just in case you get the urge to taste this expensive culinary delight, you better have skills of Oceans 11 crew or even James Bond. The cupcake is on display in a glass box, with with a rope barrier and a big, burly security guard.


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