Saturday, September 7, 2013

Movie Clichés ... Weapons


  • Major characters never run out of ammunition, nor do they ever have to reload. If the movie does make them reload, they never have to actually carry any spare ammo until that scene
  • Guns never run out of ammunition unless escape would be otherwise impossible.
  • The first shot or burst of fire from a bad guy always misses, and is there just to announce that a fight will be taking place.
  • Bad-guy hand grenades make noise and smoke, but no real damage; good-guy hand grenades are devastating but selective; they will destroy tanks, but won't hurt the thrower, even if he drops one on his toe. Bad-guy grenades used by good guys become good-guy grenades, and vice versa.
  • When the villain runs out of bullets, he'll throw away his gun. When the hero does so, he'll conveniently come across another.
  • Machine guns submerged underwater for a long time won't jam or misfire when the hero pops up to use them.
  • A cigarette case/lighter in the shirt pocket will always block the bullet.
  • When the hero faces a ridiculously large number of shooters with high powered weapons, they will all miss after several shots. Then, the hero will pulls out this gun that looks like a toy and start picking off the bad guys from half a mile away, usually hitting them in the forehead.
  • People always pump out a few (probably used) shotgun shells at each corner when chasing someone.
  • When people aim a rifle with binocular-sight at someone on a very long distance, they manage to keep them in the bull's-eye all the time even if they move around.

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