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Movie Review ... The Best Offer


bestoffer_posterRomance films don’t need to be all sunshine and delights.  Some darkness can creep into this rosy veneer making it more enthralling.  ‘The Best Offer’ has plenty as it explores an unusual relationship.  Set in a European city it has an air of sophistication rarely seen in American romantic endeavours.  Supported by striking cinematography, ‘The Best Offer’ sets itself apart from its formulaic brethren.

Virgil Oldman (Geoffrey Rush) is a wealthy antiques dealer involved in an unusual predicament.  Whilst examining a treasure trove of family heirlooms inherited by mysterious young recluse Claire (Sylvia Hoeks), Virgil’s normally clinical demeanour falters.  Attracted to this strange lady, he asks his friend Robert (Jim Sturgess) for romantic advice.  Also involved in a shady deal with Billy (Donald Sutherland), Virgil’s existence becomes increasingly and unexpectedly fractured.

‘The Best Offer’ is an intriguing film having many layers.  On the surface it travels a romantic drama path but unfolds into something completely different.  You are never sure where the story will lead making for consistently engaging viewing.  Whilst different in age, Virgil and Claire share similar out-looks.  Both constricted by their insular and lonely lives, their developing romance surprises them.  Their willingness in taking personal risks goes against ingrained beliefs leading to a shocking outcome.

Directed with strong assurance by Giuseppe Tornatore, he is backed by a fine ensemble.  Anchored with a fantastic performance from Rush ‘The Best Offer’ continually grips.  It helps it has a small cast making it easier to follow various plots.  Graced with an excellent score from music maestro Ennio Morricone, there is a tragic elegance running throughout.  You feel sorry for these characters despite their wealthy lives with their devotion to refined antiquity often out-stripping their abilities in human inter-action.

Whilst occasionally emotionally cold ‘The Best Offer’ is an interesting movie.  It’s no bad thing for a production to make one think with fate and chance changing its character’s lives in ways not often seen.



Movie Review Rating out of 10:  7

Movie Review by Patrick Moore

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