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Movie Review .... White House Down


white house down posterRoland Emmerich has been Hollywood’s ‘go to guy’ for directing over the top spectacles.  ‘Independence Day’, ‘2012’ and ‘Godzilla’ have been a few he has helmed.  Whilst none have been masterpieces, they have made a bundle of cash.  Dollars are everything in Tinsletown with story quality coming second.  ‘White House Down’ is his latest explosive blockbuster.  Just as outrageous as previous works, it does the job in providing ludicrous entertainment as only he can provide.

Capitol Police offer John Cale (Channing Tatum) is a stoic man of action.  His determined zeal is needed when the White House is attacked by dangerous mercenaries.  When they kidnap the American President (Jamie Foxx), Cale’s abilities become fully tested.  With the Oval Office under siege and the clock ticking towards Armageddon, only Cale can save the day with bullets and ingenuity his deadly weapons.

Think ‘Die Hard in the White House’ and you have the idea of ‘White House Down’.  As ridiculously silly as the Bruce Willis series, it’s nonetheless fun.  You can’t take it seriously and have little option but to sit back and watch the carnage.  There’s plenty of it with guns, bombs and bazookas going off every few seconds.  Although there’s something a bit morbid about enjoying watching ‘goodies and baddies’ meeting their demise, the quickly paced plot leaves little time to think.

Emmerich’s talents surface during the many action scenes.  Creative in their mayhem, they bring freshness to oft-repeated material.  It’s obvious how situations will transpire although the enjoyment is in seeing how differently the explosive path is travelled.  Tatum and Foxx equip themselves admirably during these sequences.  Their double-act works due to some good chemistry and knowing when not to over-play the screenplay’s absurd elements.

‘White House Down’ is utter nonsense sure to make eyes roll.  If you go along with its fanciful exploits it does the business in providing distraction for a few fiery hours.

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Movie Review Rating out of 10:  7

Movie Review by Patrick Moore

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