Friday, September 6, 2013

Rare Van Gogh Sunflowers Image Found



A rare photograph of a lost Sunflowers painting by Vincent Van Gogh has been found, showing for the first time how the artist wanted his work to be seen.

A photo of the painting has been uncovered in the archives of a Japanese museum, showing that the artist wanted it to be exhibited in an orange frame.

Van Gogh painted Six Sunflowers in 1888 but it was destroyed in Japan in 1945.

It was sold to a Japanese collector and shipped to Japan in 1920. But it was destroyed in a fire after US bombing of Osaka during World War II

Martin Bailey, a curator and correspondent for The Art Newspaper said "Van Gogh loved complementary colours, like blue and orange together. We can actually see how Van Gogh wanted to present his sunflowers. We can see the painting as Van Gogh wanted to be seen.

"It was a revolutionary idea at the time, framing a painting in orange. Conventionally, paintings were framed in gilt frames, and modern paintings were sometimes framed in plain white frames.”

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