Friday, September 13, 2013

Toys ’R’ Us Stops Labelling ’Boys’ And ’Girls’ Toys



Toys retailer giant Toys "R" Us will stop labelling its products for boys and girls after mounting pressure from consumers.

According to Think Progress, the United Kingdom branch of the company will start to use gender-neutral terms and images in its toys Christmas catalogue. The move comes in response to an online petition launched by the group Let Toys Be Toys asking the company to remove gender stereotypes from its products.

A similar petition was made for the U.S. stores, reaching over 3,000 signatures to follow on the UK’s steps, but the company’s website still labels toys for boys and girls, and the company hasn’t replied back to requests for comment.


Ed Comment: 3,000 signatures in the US can change the marketing of a huge store … imagine what a combined force of many can do to change the world!

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