Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Trivia Bits 03 September


  • The title role in the 1960 movie Spartacus was played by Kirk Douglas.
  • Possession is sometime termed as nine points of the law.
  • French artist, Paul Gaugin, featured scenes of Tahiti in many of his paintings.
  • The comic strip character Dick Tracy was created by Chester Gould.
  • An abnormal and persistent fear of crossing bridges is known as gephryophobia.
  • The end of the Australian financial year occurs on 30 June.
  • The Great Train Robbery took place in England in 1963.
  • Paul McCartney performed at Adelaide Oval, South Australia in 1992.
  • The Bledisloe Cup is contested between Australia and New Zealand in Rugby Union.
  • The car driven by the Gruesome Twosome in the animated series Wacky Races is called Creepy Coupe.

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