Saturday, September 7, 2013

Trivia Bits 07 September


  • Queen Elizabeth II became the first British monarch to visit Australia in 1954.
  • Famous American jail Alcatraz is also known as The Rock.
  • The word rumba comes from the verb rumbear which means going to parties, dancing and having a good time. Although the main growth of this dance occurred in Cuba, similar developments took place in other Caribbean islands and in Latin America generally.
  • The Electrolux vacuum cleaner was associated for many years with Mr Jolly.
  • US President Richard Nixon was the First US President to visit Moscow.
  • The total number of days in July, August and September are 92.
  • Quantities of paper are measured in units including reams and quires.
  • The branch of zoology that studies birds’ eggs is Oology.
  • The famous To be or not to be speech appears in William Shakespeare’s play Hamlet.
  • The Pan Am plane blown up over Lockerbie, Scotland 1988, was flight 103.

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