Monday, September 9, 2013

Trivia Bits 9 September


  • In the Western TV series Bonanza, the Chinese cook was Hop Sing played by Victor Sen Yeng.
  • Playboy magazine’s founder Paul Heffner’s middle name is Marston.
  • The Hume Highway connects the Australian cities of Melbourne and Sydney.
  • The international telephone code for Australia is 61.
  • Suva is the capital of the Pacific islands of Fiji.
  • There are no instruments accompanying acapella singing.
  • The enlargement of the thyroid gland is known as goitre.
  • Ancient Greek physician Hippocrates is known as the Father of Medicine.
  • Canadian communications theorist, Marshall McLuhan, coined the term global village.
  • In the movie The Iron Lady, the role of Dennis Thatcher was played by Jim Broadbent.

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