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Walt Disney - Ferdinand The Bull - 1938



Ferdinand the Bull is a Walt Disney cartoon released on November 25, 1938 by R.K.O. Radio Pictures, directed by Dick Rickard. It was based on the book, The Story of Ferdinand by Munro Leaf and illustrations by Robert Lawson. Sometimes considered to be a Silly Symphonies cartoon, otherwise it might not be a part of the series.


This Oscar-winning short tells of a bull that preferred to sit under trees and smell flowers to clashing horns with his fellow animals. As luck would have it, an untimely bee reveals Ferdinand's ferocious side via pained howls and wild stomping. This lands him in the bull-fighting arena amidst characters based on Walt's animators with a matador reportedly modelled after Walt himself.

The parade of bullfighters consists of caricatures of various Disney artists. The caricatures include (in order of appearance), Bill Tytla (on horseback), Fred Moore, Art Babbitt, Hamilton Luske, and Jack Campbell (I)'. The matador himself is supposedly patterned after Walt Disney. The little man bringing up the rear, carrying the matador's sword, is Ward Kimball, the lead animator on the scene.

Ferdinand the Bull won the 1938 Academy Award for Best Short Subject (Cartoons). This was the only Oscar winner for Best Short Subject (Cartoon) from the 1930s that was not a Silly Symphony.

There was a book sequel to this cartoon called "Ferdinand and the Bullies", a part of the Walt Disney's Fun-to-Read Library.

Directed by Dick Rickard

Narrated by Don Wilson

Studio Walt Disney Productions

Distributed by RKO Radio Pictures

Release date(s) US .. November 25, 1938

Running time .. 7 minutes, 14 seconds





The Story of Ferdinand by Munro Leaf and illustrations by Robert Lawson.


Along with the successful movie, concert, TV series, there is always a range of products that extend the enjoyment. Cut outs were a favourite of the era of Ferdinand and yes – Ferdinand had his own range.




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