Monday, October 21, 2013

Encouraging Children to Eat as an Art Form



It is always a parental problem how to get the kids to eat nutritious food and in some instances to eat at all.

Perhaps the approach adopted by Samantha Lee from Kuala Lumpur may assist.

Samantha was expecting her second child in 2008 and looked for a way to train her first child to eat independently. Although not having any professional training she used what was at hand in the way of knives and scissors to prepare attractive dishes.

Her Bento creations have won numerous followers worldwide and also recognition with many internet Blog awards. Samantha’s blog eatzy bitzy contains both images of the finished dish as well as recipes and step-by-step instructions.

Nowadays Samantha’s daughters enjoy their meals. Hopefully her experience may also be yours with mealtimes becoming fun.

Her work has led her to a new career as a kid’s party planner.

With dishes like these probably on the party menu, when can I expect an invite?






To find out more about Samantha, her creations and recipes click HERE

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