Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Movie Clichés ... Weapons



  • When faced with dozens of armed opponents, the good guy will show up and appear to be shot, perhaps dozens of times. He will fall down, and presumably be dead, but will later miraculously turn out to have had the foresight to wear a bulletproof vest, armour plating, or even a silver tray to protect his torso. No one will ever shoot him in the head, where he is unprotected. Afterwards, instead of learning from his extremely good fortune, he throws his protection away, confident that the same situation cannot recur in his movie.
  • When superheroes like Batman or Robocop use high technology to protect themselves, the bad guys never take advantage of obvious weaknesses, such as no face protection.
  • Characters shot with guns will fly backward, or upward and backward, through the air - the laws of physics notwithstanding.
  • Characters use silencers on revolvers... and it works.
  • In 50% of action movies made after 1988, "Teflon Coated Cop Killer Bullets" will be referred to.
  • No movie character will ever use or refer to a safety on any firearm.
  • The cowboy who exchanges a dozen shots with the bad guys without hitting one will nevertheless be able to hit and detonate a stick of dynamite from 150 feet away with a revolver on the first try.
  • Once a character has flipped up the long range site on his rifle, he will always make his next shot.
  • Bullets removed from shooting victims and displayed to the camera will not be misshapen in any way from the impact - and will sometimes still have the casing attached.
  • Shots fired at the rear of a vehicle will cause the gas tank to explode.

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