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Movie Review ... Machete Kills


Machete-Kills-Movie-PosterDirector Robert Rodriguez does nothing by halves.  Having overseen the ‘Spy Kids’ and ‘Sin City’ films, his eye for kinetic action is unparalleled.  Tough, violent and completely over the top, his style has garnered a loyal fan-base.  ‘Machete Kills’ should only add to it.  A sequel to 2010’s ‘Machete’, it ramps up thrills to optimum level.  Having a moment’s breath will be impossible as Rodriguez presents an explosive ode to the pulpy movies he grew up with.

After his partner is killed during a drug bust, secret agent Machete (Danny Trejo) sets out on revenge.  When the American President (Charlie Sheen) gives him a new assignment, he discovers a crucial link.  Tasked with stopping a madman from firing a deadly rocket on American soil, Machete’s trail leads to sinister arms dealer Luther Voz (Mel Gibson).  Uncovering a plot to destroy earth, Machete aims to wreak vengeance upon those who dare cross his path.

Utterly ridiculous and proud of it ‘Machete’ is a lot of fun.  It has no pretensions to high art instead revelling in its high-octane exploits.  Death follows Machete everywhere with bullets, bodies and brawn on display.  The macho men are suitably menacing and feisty chicks add much spice.  Whilst it doesn’t always work and is a little too long, there is something for everyone.  Multitudes of sci-fi/action references ensure fans enjoy its cartoonish escapades. 

‘Machete Kills’s’ greatest aspect is its imaginative scope.  Crafting some new wrinkles within the action stable, there are some amazingly realised fight sequences.  Its uncompromising path is welcome with a suitably epic feel despite being cheaply made.  The cast have a great time with the outrageous things including cameos from Lady Ga Ga and Gibson highly amusing. 

‘Machete Kills’ is so ludicrous as to defy belief.  It’s hard to dis-like and more than earns its place amongst others in the genre.  It appears a third ‘Machete’ outing is in the works and hopefully it will be just as entertaining as this silly romp.


Movie Review Rating out of 10:  7

Movie Review by Patrick Moore

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