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Movie Review ... Movie 43


Movie-43-PosterComedic anthology films are a rare beast.  ‘The Kentucky Fried Movie’ and ‘Amazon Women on the Moon’ are examples of the ‘anything for a laugh’ genre few tackle.  Perhaps ‘Movie 43’ provides a reason as its disjointed mirth making conjures staggered amusement rather than ongoing laughs.  Not that those worshipping at the altar of political correctness would find much to smile about as it skewers such notions with dubious glee.

Charlie Wessler (Dennis Quaid) is a disturbed screen-writer desperate to have his script made.  Pitching to exasperated film executive Griffin (Greg Kinnear), he is mortified when his ‘sure thing’ ideas are soundly rejected.  Determined to make him listen to his script, Charlies holds Griffin at gun-point.  What he hears are a series of stories so ridiculous no-one in their right mind would make them.

Any film featuring killer Leprechauns and randy angels isn’t going to win an Oscar.  It may find an audience who love endless bodily function gags and sex jokes that would make the cast of the Carry On movies blush.  Occasionally a modicum of inspired comedy surfaces although with multiple stories helmed by multiple directors the hit and miss ratio eventually settles into the latter category.  Their attempt in linking the overall narrative theme of the sexualisation of society often misses the mark.

Even more surprising is the sight of an array of big name stars going beyond what their presumed huge pay packets required.  The likes of Halle Berry, Richard Gere and Hugh Jackman may never seem the same again to fans with their bravery in participating in lewd antics admirable.  They forge past the realms of bad taste although Quaid and Kinnear are the best performers in an amusing segment giving Hollywood’s shallowness a serve. It’s a shame most of the sequences are so inept in their execution with humour being more potent if supplied with genuine wit.

Those easily offended by foul language and nudity should avoid ‘Movie 43’ like the plague.  It has a constant stream of them with its aim in shocking audiences with a farrago of outrageous crudity a complete success.

Movie 43

Movie Review Rating  2 / 10

Movie Review by Patrick Moore

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