Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Narcissistic Baby Names



Famed Australian author C J Dennis wrote in the classic book, The Sentimental Bloke

Wot's in a name? -- she sez . . . An' then she sighs,

An' clasps 'er little 'ands, an' rolls 'er eyes.

"A rose," she sez, "be any other name

Would smell the same.”

But the question arises “Would it really?”

Names are very important not only to the naming parents but also to the recipient child. We have seen in recent years many names given to babies that to the average parent are somewhat very different if not outrageous.

One can only wonder what effect some of these will have on the child when in school, college, university or in the work place.

According to United States Social Security data, the name Messiah rose 246 spots on the 1,000 most popular names 2012 list in the United States. Recall that a Tennessee judge reversed a magistrate’s decision that told Jaleesa Martin to change her 8-month-old son’s name from “Messiah.”

Amongst the up and coming names, which have been termed "Narcissistic" baby names, are the following:

1. King

2. Major

3. Princess/Prince

4. Beautiful

5. Awesome

All are actual registered names. Experts say that many parents now believe that the world revolves around their children -- and pick a name accordingly.

What of the future? Can we expect names like Selfie, God, Genius, Best, Thanksgiving,  Christmas or maybe even Life.

Perhaps the advice that C J Dennis, in The Sentimental Bloke, gives Romeo may be also given to those who wish to give their new born Narcissistic names:

“Oh, w'erefore art you Romeo, young sir?

Chuck yer ole pot, an' change yer moniker!"

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