Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Rock Music Stunts Plant Growth


plants and music

In a series of experiments performed by Dorothy Retallack in 1969, it was shown that music affects the growth of plants.

Tests on corn, squash and several flowers showed that rock music stunted the growth of the plants and caused others to grow unusually large at first and produce extremely small leaves. They required more water yet grew shorter roots.

Within several weeks, all the marigolds in one experiment had died, but, only a few feet away flowers listening to classical music were blooming.

Dorothy Retallack published a small book called The Sound of Music and Plants. Her book detailed experiments that she had been conducting at the Colorado Woman’s College in Denver using the school’s three Biotronic Control Chambers.

I wonder what plants would do if exposed to Hip Hop? To Dance? To Disco? Any thoughts?



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