Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Trivia Bits 01 October


  • A dossal is an ornamental cloth found in a church.
  • Whistle and flute is cockney rhyming slang for a suit.
  • The spider on a dart board is the metal web that divides the dartboard into sections.
  • The African republic of Mauritius is north of the Equator.
  • An eland is the largest species of antelope.
  • Matt Damon played the title character in the 1998 movie Saving Private Ryan.
  • Israel’s first Prime Minister was David Ben-Gurion.
  • In the Television series Neighbours in 1995, Rick Alessi (Dan Falzon) moved to Darwin after leaving Erinsborough.
  • The lead vocalist of the US band Maroon 5 is Adam Levine.
  • Sardines are important to the plot of the comedy Noises Off by English playwright Michael Frayn.

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