Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Trivia Bits 11 December


  • Apera is the new name for what was originally known in Australia as sherry.
  • Samphire is commonly used to describe plants from the Australian genus of succulent coastal plants.
  • The train that travels from Capetown to Durban is known as The Blue Train, a dedicated five star luxury passenger train travelling in Southern Africa.
  • The Yellowstone Supervolcano is the largest volcano in the world.
  • Nuuk is the capital of Greenland.
  • Jazzman Glen Miller’s exact time and place of death is unknown as he went missing in World War II.
  • English poet, Robert Graves,was severely wounded on the Somne in World War I and wrote a frank autobiography Goodbye To All in 1929.
  • The longest serving presenter of the Australian children’s TV Show Playschool is Benita.
  • All the following are Australian innovations – Chiko Roll, plastic bank notes, dual flush toilet and wine casks.
  • The Lewis Carroll book Alice in Wonderland was banned in China because the animals speaking put them on the same level as humans.
  • If you have the affliction Aeroacrophobia you fear open high spaces.
  • Man made place Las Vegas, Nevada appears brightest from space.
  • Soviet ballet sensation, Rudolf Nureyev, sought political asylum in 1961 to defect to the West.
  • According to folklore, one nap equals 40 winks.
  • Because of their levels of radioactivity, the 1890’s papers and cookbook of Polish born physicist Marie Curie are still kept in lead-lined boxes.

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