Monday, February 3, 2014

Trivia Bits 03 February


  • David Kotkin is better known as American illusionist David Copperfield whose television specials have won 21 Emmy Awards.
  • Australia Boxer, Jeff Fenech, is known as The Marrickville Mauler who retired in 1996 with a record 27 wins. 3 losses and 1 draw, with 20 wins by knockout.
  • The two word inscription on the Victoria Cross medal is For Valour and was introduced on 29 January 1856 by Queen Victoria to honour acts of valour during the Crimean War.
  • Irish-Indian educationist, suffragist and Theosophist Margaret Cousins went on a hunger strike seeking to be classed as a political prisoner in 1913 after being arrested and jailed for the breaking the windows of Dublin Castle on the reading of the Second Home Rule Bill.
  • The Cockatiel is the smallest species of the Cockatoo family of birds.
  • Covering 4 hectares (9.9 acres), the Shanghai Botanical Garden, established in 1974, has a penjing garden which has tray landscape, potted scenery, potted landscape, or miniature trees and rockery, and is the ancient Chinese art of depicting artistically formed trees, other plants, and landscapes in miniature.
  • Australian actress, writer, entrepreneur, and stand-up comedian Rebel Wilson has siblings named Liberty, Ryot and Annachi.
  • American businessman Colonel Harland David Sanders in the 1930’s founded Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) in Corbin, Kentucky.
  • In 1999, American rock band from San Diego, California, Blink-182 released their album Enema of the State.
  • In relation to economics, ASEAN is an acronym for Association of South East Asian Nations and was formed on 8 August 1967.

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