Monday, April 21, 2014

Trivia Bits 21 April


  • The 1957 play The Room was the first play by Nobel Prize-winning English playwright Harold Pinter.
  • In 2013, The US Ambassador to Australia made a plea via Facebook for Australians to stop illegally downloading the TV Series Game of Thrones.
  • Australian 2012 Paralympic wheelchair rugby player Andrew Harrison was part of a campaign called "Don't Drink and Dive" which encouraged people to be careful when diving.
  • On 20 March 1969, John Lennon married Yoko Ono at The Rock Hotel in Gibraltar that was built in 1932.
  • 2012 Paralympics table tennis player Rebecca McDonnell was the first Australian woman ever to compete at the table tennis Para World Championships.
  • As Time Goes By is a 1992 to 2002 British romantic sitcom, starring Judi Dench and Geoffrey Palmer, that follows the relationship between two former lovers who meet unexpectedly after not having been in contact for 38 years.
  • ’74 Jailbreak is a compilation EP released in 1984 by Australian rockers AC/DC who are considered pioneers of heavy metal and are one of the highest-grossing bands of all time.
  • The lunula ("small moon") is the visible the whitish crescent-shaped base of the nail and can best be seen in the thumb and may not be visible in the little finger.
  • Featured on the Australian one hundred dollar note is Dame Nellie Melba, an Australian operatic soprano, who one of the most famous singers of the late Victorian Era and the early 20th century and was the first Australian to achieve international recognition as a classical musician.
  • Opened in October 2013, the Marmaray rail transport project connects the Asian and European sides of the Turkish city of Istanbul.

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