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Movie Review ... Into The Storm


into-the-storm-posterHollywood knows how to exploit genres.  If one is a hit the aim is to repeat until the money pit is emptied.  Combining multiple genres has seen even greater financial rewards as they encompass many fan-bases.  ‘Into the Storm’ dabbles in the mega-facsimile business with ease.  Blending the ‘found footage’ and ‘disaster movie’ staples, it wears its B-grade origins with pride.  As implausible and vapid, it’s fun seeing how it ‘borrows’ from the genres to which it pays homage.

The township of Silverton gathers for a special occasion.  Enjoying the spectacle of Graduation Day, all hope the sun shines on its citizens.  Unfortunately Mother Nature has other plans.  When a colossal storm hits, hell breaks loose.  The school’s vice-principal Gary (Richard Armitage) attempts to maintain calm in the face of catastrophe.  His efforts aren’t helped by the presence of Pete (Matt Walsh) a storm-chaser wanting to film the event for a documentary.  As everyone faces the increasingly ferocious cataclysm, the fight for survival becomes harder with each passing second.

If you think ‘Into the Storm’ will provide something akin to Shakespeare, then you’ll be disappointed.  If you’re after decent CGI, thinly-drawn characters and dodgy acting, then this is for you.  Basically an updated version of the 1996 hit movie ‘Twister’, it does the job in conjuring mindless escapism.  The dilemmas characters face is familiar as is the risible dialogue.  None of it really matters as it’s the explosive storms everyone expects.  The cloudy visions certainly are magnificent with the CGI boffins having a field day dreaming up new ways to place characters in deadly peril.

Steven Quale doesn’t need to do much direction as this sort of film moves itself.  He does have a good sense of rhythm with the pacing and tension handled well.  Armitage’s heroic role makes for a solid character with which it is easy to engage.  His co-stars do little except react to events with minimal acting required.  The fierce seems to have more personality than the people it frightens although such quibbles are minor for such a disposable movie.

‘Into the Storm’ is trashy nonsense sure to please undemanding viewers.  From its opening moments it’s on auto-pilot with the wind-swept frenzy unleashing a fury of campy fun.


Movie Review Rating out of 10:  6

Movie Review by Patrick Moore

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