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Movie Review ... Predestination


Predestination Movie PosterTime travelling themed movies can often be compelling.  Exploring the paradoxes of changing certain moments offers genuine dilemmas for protagonists.  Works such as ‘The Terminator’ series has made this a virtue.  ‘Predestination’ uses this hook to great effect.  In examining the moral implications in adding a new fragment to time, it’s consistently engaging.  Genre fans may perhaps know where its story may lead although it’s an entertaining sci-fi film worth anyone’s time.

The Bartender (Ethan Hawke) is a Temporal Agent travelling through time pursuing criminals.  Nearing retirement, his final mystery begins as customer (Sarah Snook) enters the bar.  Telling him a strange true story, the customer provides the bartender with clues to his latest assignment.  Wanting to capture an elusive bomber, his target is closer than he realises.  With mysterious Mr. Robertson (Noah Taylor) lurking in the shadows, time soon runs out with history potentially changed in unimaginable ways.

‘Predestination’ demands total concentration.  Like a jigsaw puzzle, each plot point needs to gel in order to reach the answer.  That’s what makes ‘Predestination’ captivating as the characters slowly learn the truth.  Directed by the Spierig Brothers, the film takes some-time to fully fly but when it does it offers satisfying viewing.  Whilst some sequences seem confusing, the Spierig’s skills in telling the story ensure the conclusion is easily understood.

None of this would work without the strong performances.  The quality of the acting from the small cast heightens the tension and action in equal measures.  Hawke, Snook and Taylor under-play their roles to good effect without resorting to shrill melodramatics.  Science fiction fans should enjoy this futuristic crime noir occasionally echoing ‘Bladerunner’ in feel.  Although essentially a small film, its ideas are big in scope with much thought required.

A refreshing antidote to the plethora of dumb action yarns ‘Predestination’ is a solid movie.  Treating its audience with some intelligence, it makes one yearn for similar films that engage the mind and eyes in equal measures.


Movie Review Rating out of 10:  7

Movie Review by Patrick Moore

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