Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Murphy’s Laws To Ponder


  • The distance to your departure gate is directly proportional to the weight of your carry on luggage and inversely proportional to the time remaining before your flight.
  • The number of the departure gate is inversely proportional to the time available to get there.
  • Travel is a delight if you have a place to leave and return to
  • As soon as the stewardess serves the coffee, the airline re-encounters turbulence.
  • When looking for a street, it will be the only one you drove past before you saw the street sign.
  • the first escalator you find is always going the wrong way.
  • If you're already having a bad day, the shortest, most seemingly innocent trip will occur during the hottest, dustiest hour, along the most crowded, traffic-jammed street, with a broken traffic light, an accident blocking the way, wailing children in the back seat, and your car almost out of gas
  • If someone giving you directions says at any time, "You can't miss it," be assured than you will

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