Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Trivia Bits 14 January


LeAnn Rimes

Releasing her 1996 debut album Blue was American country and pop singer LeAnn Rimes (pictured) with the album reaching number one on the Top Country Albums chart.

Australian Rugby League’s Clive Churchill medal has been awarded ever since the 1986 being named after Clive Churchill, one of the greatest rugby league players in Australian history, following his death in 1985.

In 2009, the two pentathlon events of Cross Country Running and Pistol Shooting were combined into one event.

A 185 kilometres (115 mi) long river, the Suru River, a tributary of the Indus River, originates from the Panzella glacier and flows entirely in the Kargil district of the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir.

Glamorgan is one of the thirteen historic counties of Wales and a former administrative county of Wales.

Although British sculptor John Angel spent much of his career in America, he designed in the 1920s the Exeter War Memorial, also known as The Northernhay War Memorial in Exeter, Devon, and Bridgwater War Memorial located on King's Square in Bridgwater, Somerset, England

In the 1665 French-British children's television programme The Magic Roundabout, Dougal is a dog.

Peteca, a hand shuttlecock sport is a traditional sort of the South American country of Brazil and is from indigenous origins and reputed to be as old as the country itself.

The meat Chorizo is made from pork and is a term originating from the Iberian Peninsula encompassing several types of pork sausages both cooked and un-cooked being often used to add flavour to other dishes.

In the sport of Australian Basketball, teams play for the Loggins-Bruton Cup in honour of two NBL legends Leroy Loggins and Cal Bruton.

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