Thursday, January 15, 2015

Trivia Bits 15 January


U2 Joshua Tree

Featured on the cover of U2’s 1987 album The Joshua Tree (cover pictured) was the Mojave Desert in south-eastern California.

The historic area known as the Plains of Abraham is located within The Battlefields Park in Quebec City, Quebec, that was originally grazing land, but became famous as the site of the Battle of the Plains of Abraham, which took place on September 13, 1759.

The Shrine of Our Lady of Europe as an aid to navigation in earlier centuries has led to it being referred to as Gibraltar's first lighthouse.

Cecelia Ann Renee Parker was born 1932 in Long Island City, in the Borough of Queens, New York is perhaps known to most as Suzy Parker had a cameo in the film Funny Face and is reported that Audrey Hepburn’s character was modelled on Parker and regularly appeared in Vogue in the 1950’s featured in ads for Revlon’s “Love That Red” lipstick and nail polish

In December 2013, China landed the Yutu rover on the moon.

The 1980 Broadway musical 42nd Street, lyrics by Al Dubin and music by Harry Warren, has a plot that features a show called Pretty Lady.

Cape Verde is an island country situated in the Atlantic Ocean approximately 570 kilometres (350 miles) off the coast of Western Africa.

In The Wizard of Oz, Dorothy Gale is from the US state of Kansas and is the protagonist of many of the Oz novels by the American author L. Frank Baum.

Ragnhildur Helgadóttir became the youngest female member of the Icelandic Parliament when she was elected in 1956 at the age of 26 to the Althing as a candidate of the Independence Party.

Lapule is the Hawaiian word for the day of the week of Sunday.

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