Thursday, January 29, 2015

Trivia Bits 29 January


Tokyo International Exhibition Center

The Tokyo Big Sight convention centre, the popular nickname for the Tokyo International Exhibition Centre (pictured), looks like four upside-down pyramids and opened in April 1996.

The village of Najran in Syria was named after the Najran of South Arabia, whose inhabitants, the Balharith, fled to Syria in the 520s.

The Bermuda Bowl is the biennial world championship of the popular card game of Contract bridge and started out as a competition between USA, Europe and Britain in 1950.

Directed by Peter Weir and starring Gerard Depardieu and Andie MacDowell was the 1990 movie Green Card with Peter Weir writing the script specifically as a vehicle to introduce Gérard Depardieu to a wide English-speaking audience.

Considered the bible of the beat generation was the 1957 published novel by American novelist and poet Jack Kerouac On the Road based on the travels of Kerouac and his friends across America.

Balaklava is a town located in South Australia, 92 kilometres north of Adelaide in the Mid North with the region’s first European settlers in the area being James and Mary Dunn who opened a hotel in 1850 with the town being named after the Battle of Balaklava.

Asclepius is the Greek god of medicine and healing with the rod of Asclepius, a snake-entwined staff, a symbol of medicine.

Despite having such actors as Christopher Plummer and Orson Welles, New York Magazine described the 1968 film directed by Philip Saville Oedipus the King as an "almost comical" film adaption of the dramatic play by Sophocles.

In the 1930’s the Wong brothers, Nelson, Joshua, and Othniel, three ethnic Chinese film directors and cameramen active in the cinema of the Dutch East Indies, were bankrupted, then made rich, by working with Dutch-Indonesian journalist and filmmaker Albert Balink.

The 1982 the US top 10 hit song Rock the Casbah was released by The Clash an English punk rock band on their album Combat Rock.

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