Friday, March 13, 2015

Trivia Bits 13 March


Frank Hardy Aust Author

Controversial Melbourne businessman John Wren was the subject of the 1950 Frank Hardy (pictured) novel Power Without Glory for which Hardy was tried for criminal libel in 1951 because of the depiction in the novel of "West's" wife having an affair, but he was acquitted on the grounds that the work was, as he said, a mixture of fact and fiction and was the last prosecution for criminal (as opposed to civil) libel in Victoria, Australia.

The national bird of India is the Indian peacock being a large and brightly coloured bird of the pheasant family native to Asia.

In Australia, The Whitsunday Island group comprises 74 Tropical islands dotted amongst the Coral Sea and The Great Barrier Reef with several of the islands being developed with holiday resorts ranging from cheap backpacker style to palatial, multi award winning resorts.

Colby cheese originated in the USA when Joseph F. Steinwand in 1874 developed a new type of cheese at his father's cheese factory near Colby, Wisconsin with the cheese named after the village, which had been founded three years earlier.

Spanish chef Elena Arzak, joint head chef of three Michelin starred restaurant Arzak in San Sebasti√°n, Spain, was named the best female chef in the world in 2012 by Restaurant magazine.

In the 2010 British children's television series The Octonauts features Peso who is a penguin with the series based on American-Canadian children's books written by Vicki Wong and Michael C. Murphy.

The Amstel River flows through the European city of Amsterdam with the river's name derived from Aeme stelle, old Dutch for area abounding with water.

In Greek mythology, the Chimera was made up of the three animals – the lion, the snake and the goat and was a monstrous fire-breathing creature of Lycia in Asia Minor.

The official codename for the 2011 hunt for Osama Bin Laden was Operation Neptune Spear.

There are 64 squares on a chess board.

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