Saturday, May 16, 2015

Trivia Bits 16 May



Located in the suburb of Yarralumla, Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, Yarralumla (pictured) is the official residence of the Governor-General of Australia where the Governor-General presides over meetings of the Federal Executive Council, and holds investitures to present honours within the Order of Australia and associated Australian military, bravery and civil decorations.

The first person to actually sustain controlled, powered flight was Richard Pearse of New Zealand in an advanced flying machine of his own design and construction when on 31 March 1902 he flew about 350 yards, and on 11 May 1903 flew over 1,000 yards and including several turns.

A locum is a person who temporarily fulfils the duties of another eg a locum physician is a physician who works in the place of the regular physician when that physician is absent, or when a hospital/practice is short-staffed.

The two smallest continents in area are Europe and Australia.

Aromatherapy is a term coined by French chemist René Maurice Gattefossé in the 1920's to describe the practice of using essential oils taken from plants, flowers, roots, seeds in healing.

The Black Tree Fern is the largest of the tree fern species endemic to New Zealand can grow up to up to 20 m tall.

Indian cricketer, Palwankar Baloo, who bowled left-arm orthodox spin with great accuracy with an ability to turn the ball both ways, was a Dalit also called Untouchable who helped break down the Indian caste system with his prowess at cricket in the early 1900’s.

First run in 1986, The Marathon des Sables, known as the world’s toughest ultra-marathon, is held in the African country of Morocco through the Sahara desert being a six-day, 251 km (156 mi) ultra-marathon, the equivalent of six regular marathons.

Since opening in New York Harbour in 1892 and after processing more than 20 million immigrants, Ellis Island closed in 1954.

Miss California, Lee Ann Meriwether, was crowned the winner when the "Miss America" pageant made its network TV debut on ABC In 1954.

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