Monday, June 1, 2015

Movie Review ... Tomorrowland

If a studio runs out of books to translate to screen, owning a theme park can work wonders.  The Walt Disney group is a case in point.  Turning its ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ ride into a hit franchise, it shouldn’t surprise Disney have done this again with ‘Tomorrowland’.  Based on a Disney theme park, it makes use of its thin concept proving movie making ideas can be derived from any source.
Embittered inventor Frank (George Clooney) continually seeks a fresh start.  Jaded by past failures, he meets optimistic teenager Casey (Britt Robertson).  A keen science wiz, Casey enlists Frank’s help in uncovering the secrets of Tomorrowland.  A place where time exists in all matter of forms, the duo’s actions places their world in danger.
Although convoluted and somewhat preachy, ‘Tomorrowland’s heart is in the right place.  Extolling the virtues of believing in oneself and chasing dreams, it wraps these themes in a mostly engaging package.  The contrast between Casey and Frank is predictable but well played by the strong leads.  Robertson especially gives the movie the spark it needs during its slower paced moments.  Brad Bird directs with accomplished skill ensuring effects generally don’t overwhelm a story filled with genuine wonder.
‘Tomorrowland’s’ visions are clearly its highlights.  The imagination gone into creating the futuristic vistas is commendable and it’s easy seeing why Disney chose to exploit such a visually rich property.  Occasionally the plot runs away from itself with character motivations and Tomorrowland’s genesis only vaguely elaborated.  As an action romp for all ages it mostly works thanks to the production design and decent performances.
One can only hazard a guess which theme ride/park Disney will transform to film next.  Whilst similar works have been poor excuses for movies, ‘Tomorrowland’ isn’t one of them.  It should amuse its target audience making them believe such a future is readily possible.

Movie Review Rating out of 10:  7
Movie Review by Patrick Moore
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