Sunday, June 14, 2015

Trivia Bits 14 June


Fanny Durack

Australian swimmer Fanny Durack (pictured) was considered to be the world's greatest female swimmer from 1910 until 1918 and was the first Australian woman to win an Olympic gold medal in a swimming event at the 1912 Stockholm Olympics.

Australian professional rugby league football coach Mal Meninga’s real first name is Malcolm.

Prominent in the late 19th century when Cobb & Co operated stagecoaches to many areas in the outback of Australia, it initially traded as The American Telegraph Line of Coaches established in 1853 by four Americans Freeman Cobb, John Murray Peck, James Swanton and John Lamber with the first coach running on January 30, 1854 from Melbourne to diggings near Castlemaine.

The Olympic competitive equestrian sport of Dressage is sometimes called horse ballet.

The 2003 novel The Five People You Meet in Heaven was written by Mitch Alborn and details the events after Eddie is killed and sent to heaven, where he encounters five people who significantly impacted him while he was alive.

The 1933 movie I'm No Angel starred Mae West as a circus lion tamer who did her own stunts including riding an elephant into the ring and putting her face between the lion's jaws.

The current state flag of South Australia featuring the defaced British Blue Ensign with the state badge of a gold disc featuring a piping shrike with its wings outstretched, is believed to have been originally designed by Robert Craig, a teacher at the School of Arts in Adelaide, and officially gazetted on 14 January 1904.

On September 23, 2013, after 150 days and 3,750 miles at sea, 28-year-old British adventurer Sarah Outen became the first woman to row solo from Japan to Alaska.

Born in Victoria in 1950, bestselling Australian author and educator John Marsden is a pioneering author of teen fiction, the founder of an alternative school called Candlebark in Romsey, Victoria Australia, and who wrote the bestselling Tomorrow, When the War Began series for teenagers about the imaginary invasion and occupation of Australia.

Alaska was the only part of continental United States that was invaded by the Japanese during WWII by attacking Aleutian Islands in 1942.

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