Sunday, June 21, 2015

Trivia Bits 21 June


Two-Headed Monster 

The purple coloured two headed monster on Sesame Street (pictured) spoke in baby-like gibberish and in typical sketches would sound out words in front of a brick wall, or do something else which involves cooperation.

Gotye’s 2012 album Making Mirrors won the 2012 ARIA (Australian Recording Industry Association) Award for Album of the Year.

The ancient city of Knossos is located on the Greek island of Crete with the site discovered in 1878 by Minos Kalokairinos; excavations in Knossos began in AD 1900 by the English archaeologist Sir Arthur Evans (1851- 1941) and his team, and continued for 35 years.

Australian comedian, writer and actor Glenn Robbins plays Wayne Wheeler in the 2013 ABC Australian television comedy series Upper Middle Bogan.

The Australian 'Jindalee Over-The-Horizon Radar' can both detect aircraft and ships well past the line-of-sight horizon, unlike a conventional radar which can only detect objects it can 'see' directly, and the otherwise undetectable US Air Force's 'Stealth' fighters and bombers.

Guinness Stout originated when Arthur Guinness started brewing ales from 1759 at St. James's Gate, Dublin and on 19 May 1769, Guinness first exported his ale when he shipped six-and-a-half barrels to Great Britain.

The 1986 American coming of age comedy-drama adventure film Stand By Me is based on author Stephen King’s novella The Body published in his 1982 collection Different Seasons.

A series of children's books Spot the Dog were written by English author and illustrator Eric Hill were first published in 1980 and later made into a popular children's animation series, known as Spot.

Personally designed by Czar Peter in 1704, the Summer Garden in St Petersburg with a hundred Venetian marble statues but in the late 20th century, 90 surviving statues were moved indoors, while modern replicas took their place in the park.

Australian sprinter Stanley Rowley is the only Olympic participant to win medals for two countries at the Paris 1900 Summer Olympic Games when he won four medals for Australia and a fifth as part of a combined team with runners from Great Britain and Ireland.

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