Monday, June 29, 2015

Trivia Bits 29 June


Yes Please cover 

The 2014 memoir Yes Please (cover pictured) was written by American actress, comedian, director, producer and writer Amy Poehler.

Lake Enriquillo (Spanish: Lago Enriquillo) is a lake in the Dominican Republic located in the south-western region of the country and is one of only a few saltwater lakes in the world inhabited by crocodiles.

In an earnest bid to avoid layoffs, Nippon Steel Corporation, the Japanese steelmaking giant, once ventured into mushroom cultivation that used the surplus heat created by steel furnaces to temperature control a fecund fungi complex.

A krait is a genus of venomous snakes found in South and Southeast Asia with 13 species and five subspecies recognized.

Italian violin maker Antonius Stradivarius of Cremona made his finest instruments after 1700 with his last surviving instrument dated 1737, the year of his death.

The only tennis player to have won an Australian singles title on both grass and hard court is Swedish player Mats Wilander.

South Australia’s first major gold deposit was discovered in 1852 in the Mount Lofty Ranges bear the township of Echunga.

The V-1 flying bomb, known to the Allies as the buzz bomb, or doodlebug, and in Germany as Kirschkern (cherrystone)—was an early pulse-jet-powered predecessor of the cruise missile with the first V-1 launched at London on 13 June 1944, one week after the successful Allied landing in Europe.

The Sargasso Sea, a region in the gyre in the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean, and plays a major role in the migration of the European eel and the American eel.

An exostosis is the formation of new bone on the surface of a bone, because of excess calcium forming and are most commonly found in places like the ribs, where small bone growths form, but sometimes larger growths can grow on places like the ankles, knees, shoulders, elbows and hips.

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