Saturday, July 4, 2015

Trivia Bits 04 July


Ashrita Furman in NYC, 2004

101,791 roses went into the making of the then world's largest flower bouquet (pictured) with the 23.4 metre arrangement was the work of Ashrita Furman in NYC, 2004 

Lake Taupo is in the north Island of New Zealand and with a surface area of 616 square kilometres (238 sq mi), it is the largest lake by surface area in New Zealand, and the second largest freshwater lake by surface area in geopolitical Oceania after Lake Murray (Papua New Guinea).

The Australian holiday resort of Apollo Bay is in south-western Victoria and also is host to the annual Apollo Bay Music Festival and the Great Ocean Sports Festival.

Called Neapolis when founded at about the end of the 7th century BC by settlers, the Byzantine fortress, now known as Kavala, is a modern port in Macedonia that houses the Archaeological Museum of Philippi.

An Archipelago sometimes called an island group or island chain and is a chain, cluster or collection of islands.

The Plan of Saint Gall is the only surviving architectural drawing from the 700-year period between the fall of Rome and the 13th century, and is a national treasure of Switzerland and depicts an entire Benedictine monastic compound including churches, houses, stables, kitchens, workshops, brewery, infirmary, and even a special house for bloodletting.

All the proceeds earned from James M. Barrie's 1911 book Peter Pan were bequeathed to the Great Ormond Street Hospital for the Sick Children in London.

Australia has the largest sand island on earth, Fraser Island, which is off the Queensland coast, 200km north of Brisbane.

The Kisdon Force is a series of waterfalls on the River Swale in North Yorkshire, England dropping drop 10 metres (33 ft) over two cascades and are surrounded by Kisdon Force Woods.

Among many historic landmarks at the Andrew's Descent in Kiev, there is a medieval Gothic style castle that locals call the "Castle of Richard the Lion Heart" due to the legend the 12th century King of England had visited the building.

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