Thursday, July 30, 2015

Trivia Bits 30 July


Draped Reclining Woman 1957-58

Draped Reclining Woman 1957-58 is one of the best known works by 20th Century British sculptor Henry Moore with six casts of the completed sculpture made, which are currently displayed in the UK, Germany, Israel, America, Australia and Belgium.

Situated on the north-western side of Wilpena Pound and at 1,171 m / 3,839 ft, St Mary Peak is the highest point within the Flinders Ranges in South Australia.

In the American television period sitcom That 70’s Show, the role of the generally geeky, physically slight, and somewhat clumsy Eric Forman was played by American actor Topher Grace.

Dresden is one of the most populated cities of Germany and is situated in a valley on the River Elbe, near the Czech border.

Columbanian monk Jonas of Bobbio based his Life of St. Columbanus, written between 640 and 643, on the recollections of Benedictine monks who had known the Irish saint personally.

1600's Italian Baroque composer Domenico Gabrielli, one of the first composers to write solo music for the violoncello, was himself a virtuoso cello player and earned himself the Italian dialect nickname Minghino dal viulunzeel, meaning Dominic of the cello, among his contemporaries.

A cormorant is a bird that traditionally has been used for their fishing skills, in China, Japan, Greece and the Republic of Macedonia, where they have been trained by fishermen.

The 1994 American legal thriller film The Client featured a lawyer named Regina Reggie Love played by Susan Sarandon in the movie adaptation of the 1993 book of the same name written by American author John Grisham.

Before gaining independence in 1966, the African country of Lesotho was known as Basutoland which was a British Crown colony established in 1884.

Bellatix and Rigel are stars in the constellation of Orion named after Orion, a hunter in Greek mythology.

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