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Trivia Bits 02 August


Amy Poehler

American actress and comedian Amy Poehler (pictured) joined the cast of Saturday Night Live the American late-night live television sketch comedy and variety show in 2001.

Published in the 1955 collection Child with a Cockatoo and other Poems, Detail from an Annunciation by Crivelli is by Australian poet Rosemary Dobson and recounts the Annunciation form the point of view of a child hiding above the stairs.

Her father is generally given as Inachus, a river god, Io was, in Greek mythology, a priestess of Hera in Argos, a nymph who was seduced by Zeus and then changed her into a heifer to escape detection.

Held on September 15, 1974, the Bulldozer Exhibition received its name because the Soviet authorities used bulldozers and water cannon to disperse the spectators and destroy the paintings of the participating Moscow nonconformist artists from the venue on a vacant lot in the Belyayevo urban forest.

With Riga as its capital, Latvia was conquered and Christianised by the Linovian Knights in the 13th Century.

In Greek mythology, Hero was visited by Leander, her lover, every night until her guiding light was blown out in a storm and Leander died swimming the Hellespont.

Built in late 1830 and opened in 1831 and originally intended as a prison with eight cells and a jailer's residence all opening onto a central courtyard The Round House at Arthur Head in Fremantle was the first permanent building built in the Swan River Colony and is the oldest building still standing in Western Australia.

A small tree frog found in Europe, Asia and part of Africa have been used as barometers because they respond to approaching rain by croaking.

With the atomic number 39, Yttrium is a chemical element with symbol Y and is a silvery-metallic transition metal which has often been classified as a rare earth element.

Kurdistan is a geo-cultural region that is situated in the four countries of Turkey, Iraq, Iran and Syria wherein the Kurdish people form a prominent majority population, and Kurdish culture, language, and national identity have historically been based.

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