Monday, August 10, 2015

Trivia Bits 10 August


Bo Derek

Born Mary Cathleen Collins was born in 1956 in Long Beach, California was American film and television actress, movie producer, and model better known as Bo Derek (pictured) perhaps best known for her role in the 1979 film 10.

The works The Scream (1893), The Kiss (1892) and Self-Portrait From Hell (1903) were painted by Norwegian painter and printmaker Edvard Munch.

Uto-Aztecan or Uto-Aztekan languages consists of over 30 languages found almost entirely in the Western United States and Mexico with the name of the language family was created to show that it includes both the Ute language of Utah, the Hopi people of northeastern Arizona and the Aztecan languages of Mexico.

If flying directly east from Birmingham, UK, the first country you would reach would be The Netherlands.

The diverse architecture of Póvoa de Varzim, a Portuguese city in Northern Portugal, includes Romanesque art, notable contemporary architecture and fishermen's houses that have been described as "Eskimo burrows".

Seven different types of tetrominoes or shapes are used in the video game Tetris.

Named after the ship HMS Beagle, on which Charles Darwin and Robert Fitzroy sailed around parts of Australia, Beagle Gulf is the body of water into which Port Darwin opens and is approximately 100 km long and 50 km wide.

The Terik language of Kenya is classified as endangered by UNESCO because the Terik people have increasingly become assimilated to the Nandi people in recent decades.

Italian explorer, navigator, and colonizer Christopher Columbus's journal is housed in the Archivo General de Indias, Seville, in a1572 building by Juan de Herrera that was UNESCO World Heritage Site listed in 1987.

Long Walk to Freedom was the title of Nelson Mandella’s 1995 autobiography which profiles his early life, coming of age, education and 27 years in prison.

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