Saturday, August 15, 2015

Trivia Bits 15 August


frill necked lizard

The Australian animal the frill necked lizard (pictured) features on the Australian two cent coin prior to its discontinuation in 1991.

The 13th-century Tale of the Greenlanders is one of the main sources of information for the Norse colonization of the Americas relating the colonization of Greenland by Erik the Red and his followers.

Bassist Andy Rourke and drummer Mike Joyce were members of the 1980’s English band from Manchester The Smiths and have been called the most important alternative rock band to emerge from the British independent music scene of the 1980’s.

In the Australian Federal Parliament House, Canberra, the colour of the seats in the House of Representatives or the Lower house is green whereas the seats in the upper house or the Senate are red.

With a long history in Europe reaching back to antiquity, the swastika, also known as the gammadion, was believed to be a charm designed to ward off evil and was popular as a good luck charm with early aviators.

With the ISO code of HNL, the currency of Honduras is the Lempira which is subdivided into 100 centavos.

Typically Southern African roibos tea is coloured red and it is common to prepare rooibos tea in the same manner as black tea and add milk and sugar to taste, or include a slice of lemon and using honey instead of sugar to sweeten.

Previously the Speaker of the Sejm, the only woman to have held the post, Ewa Kopacz is a Polish politician who the Prime Minister of Poland on September 22, 2014.

Riding on white, red, black, and pale horses, The Four Horseman of the Apocalypse are described in the last book of the New Testament of the Bible, called the Book of Revelation of Jesus Christ to Saint John the Evangelist.

2011 British—Kenyan children's television series, based on African folk tales and aimed at 4 to 6-year-olds, Tinga Tinga Tales featured Red Monkey and Orange Monkey.

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