Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Trivia Bits 29 September


 Elle McPherson

Eleanor Nancy Gow is the birth name of Australian-born supermodel Elle McPherson (pictured who in 1989 was given the nickname Elle "The Body" Macpherson by Time Magazine after she appeared on their cover and she went on to use the name in a number of business ventures.

The Perioikoi were free inhabitants but not citizens under Spartan rule, were concentrated in the beach and highland areas of Laconia and were the only people allowed to travel to other cities.

French association football player Lucien Laurent scored the first ever World Cup goal, against Mexico in 1930.

Played by a Scottish-American actor, singer and dancer John Barrowman, Jack Harkness was a character who first appeared in the 2005 Doctor Who episode The Empty Child and subsequently features in the remaining episodes of the 2005 series and also became the central character in the adult-themed Torchwood, which aired from 2006 to 2011.

In orthopaedic surgery, the use of plastic rods instead of metal pins and screws was developed by Dr Stephen Ruff and Dr Michael Ryan at the Royal North Shore Hospital in Sydney in 1991.

The word avail when used as a verb means to have force and when used as a noun means an advantage to an end.

The Japanese city of Kobe was worst hit by the devastating Great Hanshin earthquake in 1995 which measured 6.8 on the moment magnitude scale (USGS).

Based on the memoir of American author, motivational speaker, and former stockbroker Jordan Belfort was the 2013 movie The Wolf of Wall Street directed by Martin Scorsese and starred Leonardo DiCaprio as Belfort.

Forming the coastline of South Korea are the Sea of Japan, the Korean Strait and the Yellow Sea.

Ridi Viharaya, a 2nd-century BCE Buddhist cave temple in Sri Lanka, was built by Dutthagamani of Anuradhapura in gratitude that the cave's silver helped him achieve his dream of completing Ruwanwelisaya.

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