Friday, October 9, 2015

Trivia Bits 09 October



The Yellowhammer (pictured) is a type of bird in the bunting family that is native to Eurasia, introduced to New Zealand and the conspicuous yellow bird has inspired poems by Robbie Burns and John Clare, and its characteristic song has influenced works by Beethoven and Messiaen.

The capital city of the south-eastern European country of Albania is Tirana which became Albania’s capital city in 1920.

The landlocked country in Central Africa of Chad gained independence from France in 1960 and currently has a serious problem in the country of poaching, particularly of elephants for the profitable ivory industry and a threat to lives of rangers even in the national parks such as Zakouma.

Founded on 17 February 1936, the last commercial flight by Ansett Australia was in 2001 after the airline was placed into administration in 2001 after suffering financial collapse.

Austrian born Arnold Schwarzenegger was the 38th Governor of California from 2003 until 2011 and served two terms as a Republican in office.

Added to the Olympic program for the 2002 Winter Olympics, Skeleton is a fast winter sliding sport in which a person rides a small sled down a frozen track while lying face down (prone).

In southern Spain, The Torre del Oro, a watchtower constructed in the 13th century by the Almohad dynasty, protected the entrance to Seville's port with a large chain that stretched underwater from the tower's base across the river to stop unwanted ships.

Published in 1916 Salt-Water Poems and Ballads is a book of poetry on themes of seafaring and maritime history including Sea-Fever and Cargoes, two of the best known poems by John Masefield, an English poet and writer, and Poet Laureate of the United Kingdom from 1930 until his death in 1967.

Beginning with the line People, wasting away in paradise is Midnight Oil’s song Power and the Passion from their 1982 album 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and includes a drum solo by Rob Hirst being the only studio recording by Midnight Oil to feature a drum solo.

Amantaní, an island on Lake Titicaca, is also known as the Island of the Kantuta, the national flower of Peru and Bolivia.

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