Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Christmas Trivia Bits 23 December

White Christmas (pictured), a slice made of coconut, crisped rice and dried fruit, is popular in Australia.

"Wassail" comes from the Old Norse "ves heill" - to be of good health which evolved into the tradition of visiting neighbours on Christmas Eve and drinking to their health.

Christmas trees are edible and many parts of pines, spruces, and firs are edible with the needles are a good source of vitamin C, Pine nuts, or pine cones, are also a good source of nutrition.

George Bailey, played by James Stewart, is the central businessman character in the 1946 film It's a Wonderful Life.

The traditional flaming Christmas pudding dates back to 1670 in England, and was derived from an earlier form of stiffened plum porridge.

Robert Louis Stevenson, author and creator of Jekyll and Hyde, gave his birthday by formal deed to Anne Ide because she disliked her own birthday of December 25th.

The twelve days of Christmas are the days between Christmas Day and Epiphany [6th of January] and represent the length of time it took for the wise men from the East to visit the manger of Jesus after his birth.

Paul McCartney’s hit song Pipes of Peace video featured the First World War Christmas Truce meeting of German and British soldiers in no-man's land between the front line trenches.

In 1647, after the English Civil War, Oliver Cromwell banned festivities. The law wasn't lifted until 1660.

In the 1954 American musical romantic comedy film White Christmas, all the General's suits were hidden at the cleaners on Christmas Eve.

Jingle Bells was the first song broadcast from space when Gemini 6 astronauts Tom Stafford and Wally Schirra sang it on December 16, 1965.

According to an old wives' tale, bread baked on which Christmas Eve will never go mouldy.

There are 13 Yule-lads or trolls in Iceland that each leave a gift for children when they come down from the mountain one by one, starting on December 12 and have names like Spoon Licker, Door Sniffer and Meat Hook.

Harry Potter received as Invisibility cloak as a Christmas present during his first semester at Hogwarts.

Camel was listed on the Voison restaurant's Christmas Eve menu during the siege of Paris in 1870.

Topping the UK charts at Christmas in 1957 and in a medley version in 1978 was Mary’s Boy Child from Harry Belafonte and Boney M respectively.

On Christmas Day, December 25, 1830, the Best Friend of Charleston became the first regularly scheduled steam locomotive passenger train in the United States when the locomotive made its initial run on the first six miles of track of the South Carolina Canal and Railroad Company.

Tiny, inexpensive gifts are commonly known as stocking fillers.

Jingle Bell Rock was originally recorded by Bobby Helms in 1957, composed by Joseph Carleton Beal and James Ross Boothe, and has since been recorded by more than 25 different artists, including The Platters, Chubby Checker, Johnny Mathis, Dion, George Strait, and Hilary Duff.

Rubik’s Cube, a mind boggling and very frustrating device, named after it's inventor, was one of the best-selling Christmas gifts of 1980.

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