Friday, December 4, 2015

Trivia Bits 04 December


The Hanging of the Sigismund Bell

Polish painter Jan Matejko's 1874 painting The Hanging of the Sigismund Bell (pictured)received a golden medal in the Paris World's Fair of 1878 and now hangs in the National Museum, Warsaw.

Representative Edith Nourse Rogers sponsored the 1942 G.I. Bill and the legislation that created the Women's Army Corps before and until 2012 was the longest-serving woman in the U.S. Congress.

The African Grove Theater was founded by free blacks in New York City in 1821, when New York was still a slave state, and it launched the career of the great black Shakespearean actor Ira Aldridge.

A rondeau, plural rondeaux, is a form of medieval and Renaissance French poetry, as well as the corresponding musical chanson form which is structured around a fixed pattern of repetition of material involving a refrain and is believed to have originated in dance songs involving alternating singing of the refrain elements by a group and of the other lines by a soloist.

The word honcho comes from a Japanese word meaning squad leader and first came into usage in the English language during the American occupation of Japan following World War II.

Establised in 1927, The Ryder Cup is a biennial men's golf competition between teams from Europe and the United States with the venue alternating between courses in the USA and Europe and is named after the English businessman Samuel Ryder who donated the trophy.

Born Nicolas Kim Coppola and known professionally as Nicolas Cage was born on January 7, 1964 in Long Beach, California, the son of August Floyd Coppola, a professor of literature, and Joy (Vogelsang), a dancer and choreographer.

Chetan Sharma, a former Indian cricketer, was the first Indian ever to get a ten wicket haul overseas, taking 10/188 against England in a Test Series in 1986.

Gold is mined at the Granny Smith Mine in Western Australia, is 20 kilometres (12 mi) south of Laverton, Western Australia near Mount Weld and was discovered in 1979 with the construction of the mine took place in the late 1980s.

The 1169 Sicily earthquake happened on the eve of the feast of St. Agatha and killed many who were gathered in the Catania Cathedral for the feast.

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