Saturday, December 5, 2015

Trivia Bits 05 December


Caspar David Friedrich

19th-century German Romantic painter Caspar David Friedrich (pictured) was a painter of landscapes and is best known for his mid-period allegorical landscapes which typically feature contemplative figures silhouetted against night skies, morning mists, barren trees or Gothic ruins

In May 2015, English professional snooker player Stuart Bingham became World Champion in the sport of snooker and who has compiled 269 century breaks during his career, including three maximum breaks.

Chancellor, from the Latin: cancellarius, is a title of various official positions in governments with original chancellors being the cancellarii of Roman courts of justice—ushers, who sat at the cancelli or lattice work screens of a basilica or law court, which separated the judge and counsel from the audience and a chancellor's office is called a chancellery or chancery.

Flinders University in Adelaide, South Australia was established in 1976 and named in honour of navigator Matthew Flinders, who explored and surveyed the South Australian coastline in the early 19th century.

Alfred Rolfe was a stage actor who directed early Australian silent films that include The Lady Outlaw (1911) and The Hero of the Dardanelles (1915).

The traditional Indian dish dal bhat consists of steamed rice and a cooked lentil soup called dal.

The Wars of the Roses fought between 1455 and 1487, resulted in the English dynasty of the Tudors ascending to the English throne.

The world's first geothermal power station was built in Larderello, Italy in 1911.

Playing the wife of Robin William’s character in the 1993 American comedy film Mrs Doubtfire was American actress, singer, producer, director, and screenwriter Sally Field.

France and Spain have coastlines on the Bay of Biscay which is home to some of the Atlantic Ocean's fiercest weather.

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