Sunday, December 4, 2016

Movie Review … Underworld: Blood Wars

Beginning in 2003, the ‘Underworld’ series has been enduringly popular.  Now onto its fifth instalment, ‘Underworld: Blood Wars’ serves up more of the same.  Full of stylised action and visceral violence, it hasn’t been anything that would give noted writers nightmares.  The only bad thoughts would be for its producers if it doesn’t rake in the dollars although given its successful track record, that won’t be something causing concern.  Typically over the top, its gothic visions hits its target with ease.

Selene (Kate Beckinsale) is a vampire death dealer waging an eternal war against the evil Lycans.  Battling them and another Vampire faction wanting her blood and those of her daughter to create a horrifying hybrid, Selene’s work is cut out.  With the help of ally David (Theo James) and her father Thomas (Charles Dance), Selene utilises her bag of tricks to defeat her enemies.  With eternal darkness slowly moving in, the war turns bloodier under the moon’s malevolent gaze.

Fans of the ‘Underworld’ series will know what to expect with this latest entry.  Explosions, actions and violence are all present and correct.  Also notable is the usual convoluted plotting and wonky acting.  ‘Underworld: Blood Wars’ won’t be winning Oscars anytime soon although as a slice of CGI hokum it works.  It’s hard taking anything seriously where the heroine endlessly rises from the ashes of certain defeat to tackle her enemies.

Anna Foerster doesn’t so much direct but rather programs.  She doesn’t have to do much except make each action sequence look different from previous films.  Concentrating on the acting isn’t something she needs to do as everyone from Beckinsale down turns in uniformly wooden performances.  ‘Underworld: Blood Wars’ exists to extend a franchise and for viewers to sit back and drink in the noise and bloody spectacle – which it does.

Delivering what one expects ‘Underworld: Blood Wars’ is a load of silly nonsense. It is entertaining as it delivers eye-popping visuals within its murky story.  Yet another sequel will surely materialise if this is successful proving the commercial movie machine will never stop if there is cash to be made.

Movie Review Rating out of 10:  5

Movie Review by Patrick Moore

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