Monday, September 25, 2017

Movie Review … It

Stephen King seems to be having a busy year.  The famous horror author has seen two big-screen adaptations of his work as well as a TV series come to fruition.  Not bad for a writer who has been horrifying readers for decades.  Based on his book ‘IT’ and a remake of the 1990 TV mini-series, his latest film is sure to spook viewers.  Those with coulrophobia are advised to stay away as it won’t cure them anytime soon.  ‘IT’ is a suitably spooky ride into the dark unknown with the circus’ ultimate court jester looking deadlier than ever.

Bill (Jaeden Lieberher) and Ben (Jeremy Ray Taylor) are members of the ‘Losers Club’.  A gang of misfits and outcasts, they do their own peculiar thing whilst trying to keep out of trouble.  Mischief isn’t far behind as they find themselves battling an evil entity.  Taking the form of a clown called Pennywise (Bill Skarsgard), the vile being preys upon their fears and gleefully kills children for survival.  Using what they can to defeat the creature, Bill and the gang are forced to confront a sinister clown whose motives are less than jolly.

‘IT’ works on many levels whilst taking its cues from several horror movies.  Set in the 1980’s, it mirrors the ‘Nightmare on Elm Street’ films, ‘Stand by Me’ and other coming of age movies of the era.  It also has the typical Stephen King motif of an enclosed small town terrorized by mysterious forces.  ‘IT’ succeeds despite the weight of many characters and emotional themes.  The fine performances and Andy Muschietti’s atmospheric direction refuse to pull any horrific punches.

As a horror movie, ‘IT’ certainly delivers on scares.  Skarsgard has a grand time playing the personification of pure evil but still remembering to have the quiet menace the role needs.  Lieberher and his co-stars deliver solid performances with their characters’ journeys shown without any forced plot devices.  Whilst the film occasionally meanders, the screenplay moves along briskly with the frights coming thick and fast.  Wisely, ‘IT’ relies less on CGI and more on mood which is its key in anchoring the strange carry-on with a form of reality.

After many terrible cinematic adaptations, Stephen King should be feeling happy this year.  ‘IT’ captures the mood of his novels and doesn’t skimp on classic King elements.  It proves his work has a timeless quality that will ensure King’s spooky demeanour will haunt the silver screen for years to come.

 Movie Review Rating out of 10:  8

Movie Review by Patrick Moore

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