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Movie Review … Jigsaw

After seven films, the never-ending ‘Saw’ horror franchise finally ended in 2010. A leader in the ‘torture porn’ genre, its bloody visions raked up a mountain of ghoulish dollars.  Whether people enjoyed watching that sort of thing didn’t matter as the series became one of the most profitable horror franchises ever.  That’s why we now have ‘Jigsaw’, the eighth gory extravaganza.  Proof that money can resurrect any stagnant movie series, it shows one should never believe a movie’s ‘final chapter’ is really the end.

A decade after his evil reign ended, serial killer Jigsaw (Tobin Bell) is back.  That’s what the police are led to believe as a new series of murders fitting his pattern surface.  They are baffled as Jigsaw met a definitive end with his deadly earnest killings seemingly concluded after his death.  Unfortunately that’s little comfort to new victims including Logan (Matt Passmore) and Halloran (Callum Keith Rennie) who are trapped in one of his wicked torture chambers with death their only merciful escape.

It would be simple slamming ‘Jigsaw’ as violent rubbish but that’s taking the easy way out.  Whilst the violence is more subdued than usual, it’s still ghastly to watch.  To its credit ‘Jigsaw’ harks back to the original concept of the ‘Saw’ series.  This outing is more mystery and suspense than endless gore as characters try to discover who is behind the slayings.  The answer isn’t easy to guess as the script makes an effort in building on the established mythology with genuinely surprising twists.

The traps Jigsaw’s victims navigate are very hellish and part of the grotesque ‘fun’.  The creativity gone into crafting new vile ways to kill might be concerning but the overall story maintains interest.  There are plot holes galore if you think too hard but the franchise has never been known for its amazing story-telling.  The performances are reasonable even if the actors mostly just react to events than instigating them.  Bell has a grand time returning as the evil disciple of carnage with his calm and frosty demeanour almost as chilling as the traps he sets.

‘Jigsaw’ might not provide a charming night at the cinema but devotees should admire it.  Whether this is ‘the end’ again remains to be seen.  Only box office dollars will tell if Jigsaw returns for more brutality with the prospects of further sequels scarier than the series’ main antagonist.

 Movie Review Rating out of 10: 6

Movie Review by Patrick Moore

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