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A Dorothy Revier Moment


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Trivia Bits 30 July


Pinot gris is a white wine grape variety of the species Vitis vinifera.

The two Hindu fasting days Putrada Ekadashi and Putrada Ekadashi are both devoted to the goal of acquiring a son.

Australian lawyer, judge and South Australian Governor from 1991–1996, Dame Roma Mitchell, was the first female governor of an Australian State.

It was under the pseudonym of Acton Bell that Anne Bronte’s 1848 novel The Tenant of Wildfell Hall was published.

American thoroughbred racehorse named Cigar won the 1996 inaugural Dubai World Cup by less than 1 length taking the world's richest horse race with a $5,000,000 purse.

At 4,892 metres (16,050 ft), the highest point in Antarctica is Mount Vinson Massif lying in the Sentinel Range of the Ellsworth Mountains.

US President Lyndon Johnson announced his hiring of Gerri Whittington, the first African-American White House secretary, by arranging for her to appear on the TV game show What's My Line on January 19, 1964.

A male bee is called a drone which develops from eggs that have not been fertilized and they cannot sting.

The subject of the 2012 musical Viva Forever is the 1990’s female group The Spice Girls.

The Olympic Games have been held in Los Angeles in 1932 and 1984.

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A Dorothy Provine Moment


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Trivia Bits 29 July


DCI John Barnaby is the lead character in the English television drama series Midsomer Murders and is played by English actor Neil Dudgeon.

Spanish is the main language spoken in the South American country of Bolivia.

Matthew Flinders mapped the South Australian coastline from the ship HMS Investigator in 1802 and was the first ship to circumnavigate Australia.

The chemical found in chili’s that causes a burning sensation when eaten is Capsaicin.

The visit of King George IV to Scotland in 1822 led to the reinvigoration of the kilt and tartan as symbols of Scottish national identity as George IV wore the kilt and tartan during the first visit of a reigning monarch to Scotland since 1650.

Numerically, there are twenty items in a score.

The C60 molecule is better known as Buckminsterfullerene or buckyball. It has a cage-like fused-ring structure (Truncated icosahedron) which resembles a soccer ball, made of twenty hexagons and twelve pentagons, with a carbon atom at each vertex of each polygon and a bond along each polygon edge.

The Galilean moons orbit the planet of Jupiter.

A lagerphone is a type of homemade traditional English percussion instrument, widely used in folk music. This instrument is constructed from a stout pole with metal "jingles", commonly beer-bottle tops, are fastened at intervals along the shaft.

The British band Oasis released the 1995 album (What’s the Story) Morning Glory.

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A Dorothy McGuire Moment


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And The World Goes 'Round: Original Off Broadway Cast 2011


and the wor;d

If you like show tunes performed by some of the finest singers to ever give voice to them, this CD is an absolute must have!

There are so many songs on this CD, and everyone a show stopper.

If you are not a Kander and Ebb aficionado, you will find yourself asking "did they do THIS ONE, TOO"?

The duet by Bob Cuccioli and Jim Walton of "I Don't Remember You" and "Sometimes a Day Goes By" is absolutely fabulous. Every song is done with perfect styling. The arrangements are fabulous and the order of the music is just right.

CD's in the past have claimed that "this is the only Broadway CD you'll ever need". Don't believe it. This CD is one that contains the most popular music from some of the most famous and more current shows ever heard.

If you love show music, even if you don't know what show these songs are from, you'll love this CD.

Track Listing:
1. The World Goes ‘Round
2. Coffee In A Cardboard Cup
3. Colored Lights
4. Sara Lee
5. Arthur In The Afternoon
6. The World Goes ‘Round (Reprise)/My Coloring Book
7. I Don’t Remeber You/Sometimes A Day Goes By
8. All That Jazz
9. Mr. Celophane
10. There Goes The Ball Game/How Lucky Can You Get
11. Marry Me/A Quiet Thing
12. Kiss Of The Spider Woman
13. The Grass Is Always Greener
14. The World Goes ‘Round (Reprise)/We Can Make It/Maybe This Time
15. Isn’t This Better/Trio
16. The World Goes ‘Round (Reprise)/Money, Money
17. Cabaret
18. Theme From ‘New York, New York’/The World Goes ‘Round (Reprise)

Trivia Bits 28 July


The Vietnam Women's Memorial, located on National Mall in Washington D.C., is a memorial dedicated to the women who served in the Vietnam War, was designed by Glenna Goodacre and dedicated on November 11, 1993.

The nearest known star to our sun is Proxima Centauri.

Polish Communists forbade the use of Wymysojer, a West Germanic language spoken in the small town of Wilamowice (Wymysoj in Wymysorys) near Bielsko-Biała, shortly after World War II, and now less than 100 native speakers remain.

If using an oast, you would be drying hops or malt.

Much like Anne Frank's diary, the letters of Philip Slier, a Jewish Dutch typesetter who lived in Amsterdam during the German occupation and discovered more than fifty years after his death, reveal the history of Nazi-controlled Netherlands through a personal perspective. They have been published in a book called Hidden Letters.

Botany is the study of plants with the word coming from the Ancient Greek word βοτάνη (botane) meaning "pasture", "grass", or "fodder"; βοτάνη is in turn derived from βόσκειν (boskein), "to feed" or "to graze".

In 1169 Denny Abbey, near Waterbeach, six miles (10 km) north of Cambridge in Cambridgeshire, England, was handed over to the Knights Templar and became a hospital for sick members of the Order in the mid-13th century.

The European country that is known as the Emerald Isle is Ireland.

The Roman-era temple in al-Sanamayn, originally dedicated to the Greek goddess Tyche in the 2nd century CE and later converted into a mosque, is one of the best preserved edifices in Syria.

The Cryolophosaurus, excavated in Antarctica in 1991, is informally referred to as the Elvisaurus because the bizarre crest running across its head resembles Elvis Presley's 1950s pompadour haircut.

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A Dorothy Malone Moment


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Trivia Bits 27 July


The Japanese Snow Monkeys belong to the primate genus Macaque.

The camel with two humps is the Bactrian Camel which lives in the rocky Gobi desert and the grasslands (steppes) of Asia.

The alter egos of Dame Edna Everage and Sir Les Patterson belong to Australian comedian, satirist, artist, and author Barry Humphries.

At age 19 after Barry Watson lost his job as a soap opera child star in Days of our Lives, he used to park cars at the House of Blues night club in Los Angeles.

In Dante Alighieri’s epic poem Inferno, there are nine circles of Hell.

The Snellen chart, named after the Dutch ophthalmologist Hermann Snellen who developed the chart in 1862, is used to measure visual acuity.

The largest island in the Channel Islands is Jersey – the other island being Guernsey.

The Almanach de Gotha is a directory of European nobility first published in 1763 by C.W. Ettinger in Gotha at the ducal court of Frederick III, Duke of Saxe-Gotha-Altenburg, however, when Soviet troops entered Gotha in 1945, they systematically destroyed all archives of the Almanach de Gotha.

The Pontipines are characters from the 2007 TV series In the Night Garden - a BBC children's television series, aimed at children aged from one to four years old.

American actress, singer, and dancer Sutton Foster was pulled from the chorus to replace the leading lady during the 2001 pre-Broadway tryout of Thoroughly Modern Millie revival going on to win the 2002 Tony Award for Best Leading Actress in a Musical for her role as Millie Dillmount.

In 1984 the Premier of New South Wales in Australia decided to ban a bout between two women kickboxers citing the Theater and Public Halls Act 1908 relating to preservation of good manners and decorum.

In nautical terms, a jib is a triangular forward staysail.

British writer of both nautical fiction and history, Dudley Pope wrote many of his books aboard a 54-foot wooden yacht named Ramage and is noted for his Lord Ramage series of historical novels.

The song Send in the Clowns comes from the 1973 musical A Little Night Music with music and lyrics by Stephen Sondheim and book by Hugh Wheeler.

Parliament is a collective noun for Owls.

A v-shaped point in the hairline at the centre of the forehead is known as a Widow’s Peak.

The dystopic novel Ape and Essence was written by Aldous Huxley and published in 1948 by Chatto & Windus in the UK and Harper & Brothers in the US.

Green and red are the two colours that feature on the flag of Bangladesh.

The northern Syrian village of Zarzur has been identified as the Bronze Age town of Zuzzura of the Alalakh kingdom.

Zoomusicology studies sounds, vocalizations and the organization of the noisy communications of animals.

Burt, Dusty, Juliet and Mireille



This Beatles medley was arranged by Burt Bacharach and aired on his own TV special July 29, 1970 performed by Dusty Springfield, Juliet Prowse and French singer Mireille Mathieu.


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Movie Review ... Deliver Us From Evil


deliver_us_from_evil_posterMovie executives have often been compared to Satan, the Prince of Darkness.  Their peculiar creative decisions have seen many producing teams curse them for their devilish ways.  What cannot be denied is their ability to exploit profitable trends.  Since ‘The Exorcist’ head-spun its way to box office gold in 1973 anything involving Lucifer’s wicked manifestations has been gleefully put on screen.  ‘Deliver Us from Evil’ is the latest with its atmospheric spookiness sure to scare the executive elite all the way to the bank.

New York cop Ralph Sarchie (Eric Bana) is a lapsed Catholic disillusioned with religion.  Attempting to find new purpose his latest case tests his resolve.  Meeting Spanish priest Mendoza (Edgar Ramirez), his former faith returns to haunt him.  Told a soldier, Santino (Sean Harris), is possessed by the devil, Ralph teams with the priest to eradicate the evil spirit.  With New York quickly turning into anarchy due to malevolent forces, time slowly runs out for the duo to combat a power beyond their imagining.

Allegedly based on true events ‘Deliver Us from Evil’ generally captivates.  Whilst one can take its true claims with a pinch of salt, the strong performances and story see it through.  The authenticity of the relationships between Ralph and his family and his confrontation of past regrets are often more compelling than the ensuing horror.  Bana has turned into a fine leading actor and effectively conveys the trauma his character witnesses.  Ramirez and the rest of his co-stars equally share the kudos in developing their roles.

Scott Derrickson’s direction is also worthy of attention.  Previously helming similar films such as ‘Sinister’, he brings his skills in crafting genuine scares.  Derrickson adds much tension to the expected pyrotechnics by allowing the mood to slowly percolate.  Even if the script occasionally walks a predictable trajectory, his directorial flourishes make you unsure where the story leads.  This hybrid of horror and mystery works and maintains interest until the end.

‘Deliver Us from Evil’ is an effective shocker.  Those sinister movie executives have it right this time with Satan’s latest cinematic appearance sure to linger long after his presence has vanished into darkness.

Mendoza (EDGAR RAMIREZ) holds off a possessed Jimmy (CHRIS COY) with the power of the crucifix, prayer and holy water in Screen Gems' DELIVER US FROM EVIL.

Movie Review Rating out of 10:  7

Movie Review by Patrick Moore

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Movie Review ... Hercules


hercules_poster‘Hercules’ proves the adage ‘everything old is new again’.  Representing the ‘sword and sandal’ epics proliferating cinemas in the 1950’s, ‘Hercules’ arrives with its umpteenth cinematic adventure.  With a public eager for anything resembling the current popular TV hit ‘Game of Thrones’, the arrival is opportune.  Unfortunately it’s directed by Brett Ratner, a helmer of infamous cinematic disasters even Hercules would find impossible to survive.

The powerful son of Zeus, Hercules (Dwayne Johnson) hires himself out as a sword for hire.  Roaming the land searching for new horizons, his services soon become needed.  The King of Thrace (John Hurt) enlists his help in defeating a wicked warlord. Needing all the strength he can muster, Hercules aims to crush his enemies and be rid of any evil darkening his world.

From its’ opening moments ‘Hercules’ revels in its opulent grandeur.  Looking as spectacular as you’d expect, it successfully brings Hercules’ world to life.  Aiding this are the many action sequences which are dazzlingly staged.  For every grunting, roaring and sweating moment though there’s a downside.  As the movie grinds on it becomes a repetitive menagerie of sword fights and bad plotting.  Inexplicably ignoring Hercules’ rich mythology, the original story feels as generic as similar recent films.

Johnson does his best to rise above the plot mediocrity.  Whilst he isn’t the world’s greatest actor, he looks good while flexing his chiselled physique.  It seems that’s all that’s needed for this version of Hercules as Ratner’s direction shows little flair or imagination.  As the person responsible for nearly killing off the X-Men franchise with ‘X-Men: The Last Stand’, his reputation precedes him.  ‘Hercules’ doesn’t do him any favours with his usual mix of action and silly humour failing to register much interest.

Although it had potential to be great, ‘Hercules’ ultimately plays like a dumb action flick.  It’s a predictable yarn with CGI and muscled torsos doing most of the work.  No thinking is required while viewing with its brevity its only truly redeeming feature.

hercules 003

Movie Review Rating out of 10:  4

Movie Review by Patrick Moore

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Movie Review ... Mrs. Brown’s Boys D’movie


mrs browns posterOccasionally there are works deflating my love of movies.  Some have been such horrible experiences that serve as a bench-mark for poor quality.  ‘Mrs. Brown’s Boys D’Movie’ manages to reach the apex of lowest common denominator film-making.  Cheaply made with lashings of 70’s-style racism and homophobia, its meagre plot drowns in a sea of smutty vulgarity.  What worked for its successful British TV incarnation doesn’t work for film with its ‘nudge-nudge wink-wink’ humour something even Benny Hill wouldn’t have touched.

Agnes Brown (Brendan O’Carroll) runs a family stall at a local market.   Mother to several children, she does her best to put up with their antics.  When learning a shady Russian businessman wants to turn the market into a shopping complex, she decides to defend her turf.  Taking him to court, Agnes and her brood cause a huge furore as their case makes national headlines.

Like someone at a party telling totally inappropriate jokes, ‘Mrs. Brown’s Boys D’Movie’ is wince inducing.  The incoherent plot, shambolic direction and appalling gags magnify its origins as a lazy cash-in.  Written by star O’Carroll, his attempts to turn it into an ode to his native Dublin fails to show off any of its local colour.  Whilst his character of Agnes is meant to represent a ‘typical Dubliner’, it’s an ugly portrait.  Glossed with a veneer of false sentimentality, this end of pier-style adult pantomime runs out of steam long before its very predictable conclusion.

Overshadowing the entire film is its disgraceful attitude.  The disabled, homosexuals and various nationalities receive a drubbing from O’Carroll’s poisonous pen.  Featured as grotesque stereotypes, the quality of their portrayal mirrors the comedic abattoir in which O’Carroll resides.  Gags involving bestiality aren’t funny either with this witless and mean-spirited production failing to reach higher than the bottom of the barrel from whence it came.

‘Mrs Browns Boys D’Movie’ is a deceptive and ugly beast.  Behind its masque of hilarity lies a seething cesspit of crudity and malice.  It’s a celluloid abomination richly deserving of its place in cinema’s Hall of Shame.

mrs browns 009

Movie Review Rating out of 10: 0

Movie Review by Patrick Moore

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A Dorothy Lamour Moment


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Trivia Bits 26 July


After the Dissolution of the Monasteries between 1536 and 1541 by Henry VIII, parts of St Mary the Virgin's Church, Bromfield, Shropshire England, were converted into a house.

The Cuckoo’s Calling was the first crime novel by internationally successful author J.K. Rowling, writing under the pseudonym Robert Galbraith published in May 2013..

US baseballer Babe Ruth’s birth name was George Herman Ruth Jnr.

The Pitstone Windmill in Buckinghamshire is believed to be the oldest windmill in the British Isles being thought to have been first built circa 1627 as this date is carved on part of the framework.

To keep students enrolled at the Morris Industrial School for Indians, a Native American boarding school in Minnesota, around 1898 superintendent William H. Johnson prohibited students from taking vacations to go home.

Played by Harry Anderson, Judge Harold “Harry” T Stone featured in the 80s/90s American comedy sitcom Night Court which aired from 1984 to 1992.

Braeriach, 1,296 m (4,252 ft), is the third highest mountain in Scotland, surpassed only by Ben Nevis and Ben Macdui.

Volcanologist Harry Glicken was saved from the 1980 eruption of Mount St. Helens due to a scheduling conflict, only to die in the eruption of Mount Unzen in 1991.

The final book in the Old Testament in the King James Bible is Malachi.

The Minoan civilization was a Bronze Age civilization that arose on the island of Crete and flourished from approximately the 27th century BCE to the 15th century BCE. The term "Minoan" was coined by Arthur Evans, British archeologist after the mythic "king" Minos.

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